Olajterv zrt.


OLAJTERV Contracting and Engineering Co. Ltd. is the Hungarian market leader and a significant Central and Eastern European design enterprise in the oil and gas industry

Almost all major systems in the oil and gas industry of Hungary has been implemented with the participation of OLAJTERV.

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Consulting, studies

Studies for decision preparation, expert consulting, and preparation of feasibility studies based on Olajterv's 40 years of experience in design and implementation and on the needs of the market operators.



Preparation of Basic engineering documentation, front end engineering documents, construction plans, and plant commissioning and implementation process documents adjusted to the Hungarian hydrocarbon and chemical industry and the operation technologies of the neighbouring countries.


Nuclear consulting, design, general contracting

Our activity is connected to the Paks NPP and the Public Limited Company for Radioactive Waste Management. We perform activities relating to NPP operation, maintenance, furthermore extension of operation time, and interim spent fuel storage (ISFS).



Stratégiai gáztározó Szőregen

Strategic gas storage (Szőreg)

Planning and permitting activities for the implementation of the strategic underground gas storage in order to secure the in-country natural gas supply. The aim of the project is the independence from the uncertainties of the natural gas suppliers. The facility is capable of providing a 20-25 Million m3/day natural gas capacity for 150 days mainly for personal and community consumption.

Stratégiai tranzitgázvezeték

Strategic transit gas pipeline

For filing and emptying the newly implemented strategic storage, the construction of two natural gas pipelines, block valve stations, and compressor stations became necessary. Both pipelines run parallel to existing and operating pipelines, the stations have been constructed in the areas of already existing and operating stations or with their expansion. The facilities were connected to the national high-pressure natural gas pipeline network via two pipelines.

INA Kénkinyerő üzem (Rijeka, Horvátország)

INA Sulphur Recovery Unit (Rijeka, Croatia)

The Hydrocrack Complex was implemented in the first phase of the Rijeka modernisation programme. OLAJTERV and OTF constructed a 95 t/day capacity Claus plant with a TGTU system within the framework of an EPC contract. 

In the second phase of the project a Claus plant of the same capacity will have to be constructed, the construction plans of which had to be prepared during the first phase.